Sunday, November 1, 2015

How to Share 3G/4G Internet Balance in Airtel

If you are on Airtel network then you can even share your Internet balance among your Airtel network friends.

In order to share your 3G net balance at first send an SMS as SHARE to 121.

To add a member to Airtel Internet Family send another SMS as ADD yourno to 121. 

To delete a member send SMS as DEL yourno to 121. 

To view Family members send an SMS as VIEW to 121.

Alternatively you can also do this via USSD code *129#.

There are some terms regarding sharing your Internet balance.

  • You cannot share 2G balance. You can only share 3G balance in this scheme.
  • Your family members should belong to same Airtel circle. That means if you belong to Airtel Gujarat, then you cannot share your Internet balance to some friend who belongs to Airtel Rajasthan Network.
  • Night store packs are not available for sharing. 
  • If any member is already having internet balance then he/she can get shared balance only after exhausting the present balance.

Airtel data sharing is free of cost. 
Hope this is useful. For more detailed conditions and joining Airtel Family just visit .

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