Saturday, August 20, 2016

Get Money for Incoming Call on Airtel

If you are on Airtel network, then here is a tip on how to activate a special service by using which you can earn some amount for every call you are going to get on your mobile.
Airtel started Reward tune service. Subscribing to this service is free of cost. Just dial 50080 from your Airtel mobile to get activated this service. You can also try the code *580#. It is similar to hello tune service. The only difference is instead of hearing a song by the calling party, they will hear an advertisement message.

For every ad played (heard by the caller), you (called person or Reward tune subscriber) will get 5 paisa. That means in order to get 1 Rupee balance you need to get 20 calls on your mobile from other parties. But here is a catch. In a calendar month maximum amount you can get is limited to only Rs.15. The amount will be credited automatically on the next day of your previous day incoming calls.

This reward tune is applicable to only non hello tune subscriber. If you are having an active hello tune, you cannot subscribe to this service because in such a case your selected song cannot be played.

This offer is available in selected circles only. Airtel may expand this offer to all over India in future.

At any time if you are not interested in this service, just deactivate it by calling again 50080 or by calling or messaging 155223.  

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