Sunday, June 18, 2017

Redmi Note 5 Expectations in India

We all know Redmi Note 4 is the hottest selling online mobile in India this year. As it has passed more than 6 months after RN4 launch people expectations on the upcoming Redmi Note 5 are very high.

What a lot of people don't liked about Redmi Note 4 and what features they have liked most, I am covering all in this post.

  1.  Even though Redmi series is an all rounder budget smartphone, it's camera performance is not upto the mark. Hence we expect Xioami to improve the camera hardware in Redmi Note 5. It does not mean people want 16 MP or 23 MP sensors. Even 13 MP camera is fine but quality should be upto the mark and low light pictures should look good. So do include better quality sensor this time. You can consider a dual camera and give awesone bokeh effects. But keep also budget in mind.
  2. People are tired or the cheap display glass used in Redmi series. Xiaomi never publish what type of glass protection is available on the display. People tolerated this till now. But due to high competition and new brands coming with solid features, this time Redmi Note 5 should atleast come with Corning Gorila Glass 4.
  3. One extra ordinary feature of Redmi series mobile is IR Blaster. Yes!!! we want this in Redmi Note 5 at any cost. So don't try to remove this just like Samsung has done to Galaxy S series. This is very handy and easy to use with Mi remote app.
  4. Redmi Note 4 main attraction is battery life. People on an average get above 10 hours of Screen on Time(SOT) on any type of usage. This type of backup is not even possible on flagship mobiles. Hope you will increase this upto 12 hours in next mobile. So you may tweak settings or give us 5000 mah battery. At least don't decrease it.
  5.  Charging time is one aspect where xiaomi is lagging. Hope you will provide quick charge support and charging time should be below 2 hours so that people can easily charge the heavy battery.
  6. Please don't tweak the position of finger print scanner by bringing it to front or in the side of back camera. Present position is the best.
  7. Do maintain the symmetric design in future too. We just like it.
  8. If possible phone dimensions should be reduced. Nowadays bezel less mobiles are coming to market  and they are very compact in nature. So keep the dimension of Redmi Note 5 below 148 cm for the 5.5 inch display. This is not too difficult because at present it is 151 cm.
  9. Lot of varients just confuse user and always the low varient is out of stock. It seems like low varient is just for demo purpose. So just bring only two varients 3 GB RAM /32 ROM and 4/64. That's it. First sale overall stock should be 5 lakh units with an all time new record :).
  10. We want all those awesome sensors as usual, which are not even given in the high end model in other brands. Gyroscope and step counter is must.
  11. If possible include NFC and USB Type c cable since this is the future of mobiles.
  12. Notification light with various colours is good and back light screen buttons is also a plus point. So continue them as usual. Don't ignore them. To decrease the mobile length you can also consider onscreen navigation.
  13. If possible navigation buttons should be programmed by the user because lot of people who are shifting from other mobiles have back space button reversed and it takes lot of time to get accustomed to new design.
  14. Phone design should be tweaked and it should be full metal with antenna lines. Please remove the top and bottom plastic part and make it unibody metal.
  15. Front selfie should me powered with flash. Ofcourse we don't want moon light.
  16. Processor upgrade does not matter a lot for a casual user. Since snapdragon 625 is most battery efficient, keep this point in mind while going for higher end processor. If we have to compromise battery life for newer version then stick to 625 again because Redmi is already ahead in this case. No other company is giving this processor for that cheap price.
  17. Asking for waterproofing will be too much. So keep this feature in mind in RN6 :)
As usual price should be Rs.9999 for the starter version.

If you too have any feature in your mind do let me know via commenting below.

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