Sunday, September 20, 2015

Negative effects of Facebook

Everything in the world is having some positive side as well as some negative side. Facebook if used intelligently can be very useful to us. But if we are unable to use it properly then here are the negative effects.

If you use Facebook regularly, you know exactly how this site can be addictive. You may be always updating your status, checking on others, or just mingling with strangers etc. Facebook puts a variety of powerful options on your fingertips and you are hooked for hours and hours every day.

Personal privacy:
Many of us pay very little attention to all the information we put online, some of it quite personal. Where you live, your contact information, what you do, where you go. You may be opening the doors for others to intrude on your life. Even with all the privacy settings, lots of so called friends have access to your personal information, a lot more than you may want to. The risk is more if your account is compromised.

Employer may use Facebook against you:
Your employer may use facebook to check what you are doing. Also, most of the companies and workplaces don’t want anyone to be wasting their productive time on the Facebook. What you say or what you share on Facebook may come back to bite you, sooner or later :).

Easy to lie and deceive: Nobody is watching you. Nobody can see you. People can live their fantasies on facebook. Anyone can make a fake profile with a fake picture and pretend to be whoever he/she wants. That is the ugly side of FB, you can never be certain about facebook friends you have never met in real life.

Frequent annoying status update:
You often find some strange and useless status updates on facebook, all the time. What you had for breakfast, what was the score of your local team that no one has heard of, what color of shoes you are wearing. The status update is often over done and meaningless. And, if you breakup with your gf/bf, you can announce I am single again within seconds.

Society of loners: Facebook has become a place to pass time if you have nothing better to do. Many facebook users hide in their rooms and log onto FB, rather than socializing with actual friends and family. Those who don’t socialize in real life may prefer to add excessive friends on FB and feel social online. In some cases, the online social networking tool could actually encourage you to be anti-social and loner in your real life.

People may spy:
Your profile page is full of information about you like who you are, where you work at, what is your favorite music, your favorite movies, books and TV series, what are your religious and political beliefs, your studies and other areas of your interests. As a matter of fact, you share too much information with other people, who are totally strangers. Some Facebook users take higher risk and put on their home addresses and phone numbers on the profile. This is probably how strangers find their way home without needing to chat first.

Open secrets:
You tend to share your date of birth and place of birth on your profile. But actually all these details can be used to hack your bank account where some security questions related to you asked in order to authenticate. An intruder can easily get these details via your facebook profile. Of course you may provide security by making your profile info invisible to strangers. Imagine the effect if the stranger becomes your friend?

Facebook may be considered a cool social networking tool for some people, but in reality, it is just a fake book for others!

Some strange and true facts related to facebook:

"Facebook has resulted in more divorces and break ups than building relationships."

"Facebook addiction causes the same changes in the brain that are seen in cocaine users."

"Facebook makes you overestimate how happy your friends are, in turn makes you more depressed."

"Facebook is linked to one out of every five divorces in the United States."

Facebook can work great In many cases like you can catch up with old friends, find valuable information, promote your work and your business, support really important causes and meet people who can be real friends in the process. What is wrong with Facebook is the ritualistic involvement that turns into addiction and which takes you away from your real life by triggering you to log on several times a day.

"Life is to live, there are thousands of things waiting for us in the real world."

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