Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Last Words of Ravana

Do you know the last words spoken by Ravana before his death? Here in this post we are exploring the awesome words spoken by Ravana before his death.

When injured Ravana is ready to die, Rama told his  brother, Lakshman,  “Go to Ravana quickly before he dies and request him  to share whatever  knowledge he can. A brute he may be, but he is also a  great scholar”.  The obedient Lakshman rushed across the battlefield to  Ravana’s side  and whispered in his ears, “Demon-king, do not let your  knowledge die  with you. Share it with us and wash away your sins”. Ravana  responded  by simply turning away.

An  angry Lakshman went back to  Rama, “He is as arrogant as he always was,  too proud to share  anything”. Rama comforted his brother and asked him  softly, “Where did  you stand while asking Ravana for knowledge?” “Next to  his head so that  I hear what he had to say clearly”. 

Rama smiled, placed  his bow on the  ground and walked to where Ravana lay. Lakshman watched  in  astonishment as his divine brother knelt at Ravana’s feet. With palms   joined, and with extreme humility, Rama said, “Lord of Lanka, you   abducted my wife, a terrible crime for which I have been forced to   punish you. Now you are no more my enemy. I bow to you and request you   to share your wisdom with me. Please do that for if you die without doing so, all your wisdom will be lost forever to the world”. To   Lakshman’s surprise, Ravana opened his eyes and raised his arms to  salute  Rama, “If only I had more time as your teacher than as your  enemy.

Standing  at my feet as a student should, unlike  your rude younger brother, you  are a worthy recipient of my knowledge. I  have very little time so I  cannot share much but let me tell you one  important lesson I have learnt  in my life. 

Things that are bad for you  seduce you easily; you run  towards them impatiently. But things that  are actually good for you fail  to attract you; you shun them  creatively, finding powerful excuses to  justify your procrastination.  That is why I was impatient to abduct Sita  but avoided meeting you.  This is the wisdom of my life, Rama. My last  words. I give it to you”.

After these words, Ravana died.

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