Sunday, November 1, 2015

Best Way to Buy Gold Jewellery and Coins Online in India

Buying Gold is considered auspicious in India especially during festive seasons like Dhanteras and Akshaya tritiya. If you are interested to buy Gold at best awesome prices then here is a tip just for you.

Here Iam not mentioning any offline store near your location. Because Iam concentrating on only online stores.

My best preference for buying Gold always goes to Thangamayil. The only store where you can get gold at awesome price which you never expected. This store sells at a margin of just 5 percent to 10 persent as compared to other online jewellers  whose margin is 20 percent.

Thangamayil sell only BIS certified 91.6 KDM gold ornaments. It is also having a large number of branches present in Tamil Nadu. They are headquarted at Madhurai.

Official site to buy via Thangamayil is

If you are not satisfied with the above store designs then my second preference goes to Bluestone. Bluestone offers a wide variety of designs as compared to thangamayil. But remember Bluestone charges a premium price as compared to Thangamayil.

Suppose if you buy gold worth ₹10000 then Bluestone will charge 20 percent nearly ₹ 2000 as making charge. Which is high as compared to thangamayil.

One advantage of buying gold via Bluestone is you are having a freedom to choose your gold carat. I mean you can even select whether you want gold ornament in either 22k or 18k or white gold or yellow gold etc..
You will enjoy cash on delivery and 30 days money back guarantee.

Official website of bluestone is

One more awesome website to buy gold ornaments is Malabar Gold and Diamonds.
Just visit to buy from their store.

One more site and my last preference goes to because their gold ornament prices are a bit heavy but they offer gold coins at best price compared to all above stores.

Remeber while buying gold coins please check the carat because gold coins are certified by BIS only if purity is 99.5 or below. That means 99.9 purity pure 24 carat gold coins are not certified by BIS. So better avoid them.

Note: Iam not associated with any of the above sites. I just wrote this post to help user to get a basic idea about where the prices are best and where are high. Iam not reponsible if something is wrong with your delivery.

If you have any queries, then just drop a comment below. We are happy to help you...

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