Monday, November 2, 2015

Tips for Pen Drive Users

Do you use your pen drive (flash drive) or USB drive frequently? Then this post is useful for you. Here I am providing some tips that may be helpful for safe data transfer via USB drive and also how to avoid viruses.

The moment you plugin your pen drive don't double click on the pen drive disk icon to open it. There are some viruses which will infect your system if you double click pen drives. How to avoid this? Very simple open Windows Explorer by clicking Window key and E key simultaneously, then browse the pen drive disk icon on the left side, you will see the content on the right side.

Some viruses try to create new folders continuously depending upon the number of folders already exists on your USB drive. Even though a folder may look like a genuine folder created by you, in reality it may be a virus. To avoid this type of problems I recommend you to change the settings of your Windows OS, so that all the file extensions will get displayed. By default Windows hide file extensions for known types. Change file view settings so that full extension can be seen.

If you want to copy data which contains a lot of folders and small size files, then the copying time will be slow because files are transferred one by one. I always recommend you to zip all the data before copying to pen drive. If it is zipped it will be treated as one single file and data transfer will be done more quickly.

One more advantage of zip file data is there is no chance of infecting virus related to folder. NO new folder virus will be created because you are copying zip file and not folder.

How to compress (Zip) my files and folders?
Simple! Right click on the file or folder you want to zip or compress and select Send to and again select Compressed (zipped) folder. Compression will be very helpful if the file is related to .doc or any text file or html file. For instance if the file size is 4MB after compression it may reduce up to 1MB (it always depends upon the file). By this way more data can be copied to your pen drive. You can also consider downloading a famous compression software Winrar, which comes with more advanced settings and wide support for different types of compression formats.

If you are using Windows 7 OS and having limited RAM, then your pen drive can be used as RAM to increase the performance of your system. Right click on the pen drive icon and select ReadyBoost and select the option Dedicate this device to ReadyBoost and click on OK.

Linux OS is the best OS for pen drives. Because here there is no chance of infecting virus (sorry Winows users, I am great fan of Linux OS :) ). I recommend you to install Linux on another drive if possible. You can also create bootable Linux on your pen drive which can be booted directly.

Also prefer USB OTG (On The Go) drives so that pen drive can be directly inserted into some OTG supported mobiles. This way you can even browse your drive content via mobile. Nowadays many Android mobiles comes with USB OTG support.

Like the tips? Let me know your tips via commenting below so that they can be helpful to all the visitors.

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