Sunday, February 12, 2017

How a Teacher can motivate Students

Hi friends! This post is just a personal post about my views on how a teacher can motivate students. Have some free time? If yes, then you are most welcome to continue reading. Hope you get some inspiration :)

There are many bad habits we may have in our childhood. Do you remember how we kicked off all these things? I am not sure what happened with your case. But for me surely my teacher played a vital role in my good living. Teachers are just ultimate. If a child is not listening to parents in the childhood surely he/she can be cured via a perfect teacher. There is no doubt about it.

That's the reason behind the below quote:

"I am indebted to my father for living. But to my teacher for living well" -- Alexander

Teachers can also serve us as a role model. I still remember our teacher (during 10th class) who is capable of buying all items that can lead to a luxurious life, but still they avoided them. The teacher is not even having a TV, fridge in their house. Both wife and husband are teachers and they donate 50% of every month salary to a charity. See how humble and noble they are. See how they are inspiring lot of students.

During graduation too I am very grateful that God blessed me with wonderful teachers. I don't believe that a right career can be simply chosen by a student alone. It all depends upon the teacher who is the building block of our career. A teacher can make us recognize what is our caliber and which field is the best for us.

But sadly there are also some educational institutes in our society, which are actually killing the originality of students. They teaches us how stones fall, how to fly like a bird, how to swim like a fish, how to work like a machine. But they never teaches how to live a good life.

There is a story of a troubled mother. She had a daughter who was addicted to sweets. One day she approached Gandhi, explained the problem to him and asked whether he might talk to the young girl.  “Bring your daughter to me in three weeks time and I will speak to her.” said Gandhiji.  After three weeks, the mother brought her daughter to him. He took the young girl aside and spoke to her about the harmful effects of eating sweets too much and urged her to abandon her bad habit. The mother thanked Gandhi for this advice and then asked him: “But why didn’t you speak to her three weeks ago?” Gandhi replied, “Because three weeks ago, I was still addicted to sweets.”

Before pointing a right road to somebody, make sure you are also on the right path.

Lets take a look what is happening in some engineering colleges. Generally colleges should follow norms and recruit qualified people as faculty members. Many colleges are just ignoring these norms and recruiting freshers as faculty. Why? Because they are paid less and management thinks that more work can be done by them. Are freshers really interested in teaching? May or may not. Some are just taking this profession because they can be stay nearer to their home location. Of course some people may take it as a challenging profession and always try to give their level best.

A student expects a teacher to come to the class with a free and open mind and present the concept in a manner so that everyone can understand it easily. But sadly this is not happening in lot of colleges. Its really unfortunate that majority of teachers in engineering colleges refer to some notes and text books continuously while teaching. If there is any complex formula then referring a note is fine. But continuously copying material is not always good.

Generally a teacher expects that a student should remember all the subject they have taught and present well in the semester exam. So why can't teacher at least remember the subject they have to teach in a particular class. After all they are teaching for years. If a teacher leaves the students at the same level when he/she entered the class, then what is the benefit of coming to college?. Teachers are not hard working, they are hardly working. That's the reason why coaching class business is booming in our country.

Some people whom I admire aren't celebrities nor noted personalities. They are just ordinary people and they had some quality that I admired, that made me want to be live like them.

If I am walking with two other people, each of them will serve as my teacher. I will pick out the good points of the one and imitate them, and the bad points of the other and correct them in myself. --Confucius

Hope you like our views. Do you too want to share any incident that inspired you. Let me know what's running in your mind by discussing below.

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