Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Career Tips For B.Tech Students

This post is purely intended for students who are in their final year of the study or who have completed B.Tech and in a job hunt. Non professional people can kindly skip this post.

Generally B.Tech students doesn't decide their domain till the completion of their degree. This is not a good thing. I recommend all B.Tech final year students  especially Computer Science and IT students to choose the best language they are interested in. 

Now the question is which language to choose? First decide what are your areas of interest. C, C++, Java, C# are some of the options. Now mobile technologies are also gaining popularity. So you may also choose Android platform or iPhone platform. Objective C is widely used in developing Apple Apps. Having knowledge of J2ME will be helpful for learning Android. 

If you are interested in developing websites then learning PHP is a good idea. I recommend PHP because learning is so easy and you can get a job more quickly. Of course salaries may not good if you compare with Java developers.

Having knowledge of Core Java is not enough to get a job nowadays. You should also learn Servlets, JSP Java EE and various frameworks like Struts, Hibernate, JSF and Springs. No need to learn all frameworks. Having strong foundation in one framework is enough.  I recommend you to learn new technologies on your own or by surfing Internet. Because these technologies may not taught in local institutes. Even if they are going to teach there is high probability they will not teach up to full extent.

Generally people think C, C++ are outdated and they are not useful in present. They think C purpose is only to learn programming basics. This is totally wrong thinking. Today also C is widely used in System programming and developing various device drivers and lot of openings are there for C/C++ experts.

Some positions are reserved especially for Shell programmers. Having strong knowledge of Unix shell programming will be useful if you want to get a job on Linux platform. Google generally hires Shell developers.

Doing various types of certifications will be an added advantage to your career. For eg. If your domain is Java consider doing sun certification (now known as oracle) for added advantage.

Prepare your resume nicely and verify it with your friends circle and if possible also show it to your teacher so that they can give some tips regarding improvements. Be in touch with any job site like or or so that you will have info about latest openings. Generally having profile in is not enough. If possible always apply to the company mailing address directly. For eg. If there is any opening in Oracle corporation then apply via Oracle site. This is the best way to get noticed.

Also read Opportunities page that comes with The Hindu on every Wednesday and Times of India Ascent page. May not be helpful always, but still I recommend this.

Some students may be interested in going for higher studies like M.Tech or MS. My suggestion is if teaching is the field in which you are interested or research is the field you like then go for M.Tech. Remember M.Tech people will not get any high priority in software industry as compared to Still if you don't have any campus selection in then doing M.Tech is not a bad idea because there is a chance of campus selection if you are doing M.Tech from a reputed institute. Also you will get stipend for entire M.Tech if you are GATE qualified. So decide based on your interest. Many people thinks that teaching field doesn't fetch much money. At present teachers are also drawing salary equivalent to Software Engineers.

Mean while some students who are frustrated due to unemployment are trying their luck in online world to get some money. I am not against this. Just warning you that if you are new to online, then you may be cheated. So dear students be careful while making money online.

All the information presented above is purely my personal experience. The views presented above need not agree with others. Ignore these tips if you don't like them or share with your friends if you find them somewhat useful.

There are 3 types of students in this world:
Some make wonders happen
Some watch wonders happen
Some wonders,what happen? 

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