Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Never Judge Anyone

This post is all about how people started judging things nowadays. Hope this post is helpful to you in someway.

Before digging deep let us start with a small story.

In old days when India is still under British control, many people from Britain used to come to India. Those people generally used to write books on the culture, and the way of living in India.

One person came to Andhra Pradesh, and started observing how people live. He went to a lake and started observing one person. That person was a washer man. He had so many clothes which he brought from people in the village. He put all the clothes in hot water for some time. Then, he started hitting the rock with the clothes to clean the clothes. Initially, he hit with right hand, then with left hand. After hitting for some time, he put that cloth, in a bucket, and took another clothe, and did the same thing. He did that for few hours, and left. That British man observed all this and started writing a book on it.

Here is the what he written based on his experience...

People in Andhra pradesh are big fools. They don't have even common sense. They are trying to brake a big rock by clothes. They were thinking that, they could brake a rock by clothes. They are using hot water with clothes, so that they could brake the rock easily. And for few hours they tried to brake with both the hands. They could not break, and finally gave up. Next day, they came again and tried the same thing. How foolish are they?

Now tell me who is the real fool?

Any body who knows little bit about washing clothes in India can understand that, the above writing is the foolish writing. But, for those who do not know, it may appear as correct, even though it is completely wrong. If we want to understand about someone, instead of directly observing someone, and commenting on that, we should directly go to that person and ask his/her reasons for doing that. Then only one can understand properly. Otherwise, we get only wrong information.

People nowadays started criticizing holy books (scriptures) without knowing or understanding what is the real meaning of the books. From any verse in the scriptures, we can give hundreds of meanings. And foolish people takes only one meaning which they like, and starts criticizing the scriptures.

Without understanding the author's intent of the scriptures, one should not criticize any of the scriptures.

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