Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Tip: Purpose of , and ; on phone dialler

This is originally posted as an answer on Quora by Naresh Bharat .

Have you ever observed that your phone dialler allows you to dial two letters p and w also, along with digits (0 to 9)  and +,*,# ?

​On some android mobile diallers  p is replaced with , and is replaced with (by long pressing *you will get , and long pressing # results in ; ).

​​On old Nokia keypad mobiles press * quickly three times to get and four times to get w.

So what is the purpose of p and w?

Here p stands for pause and stands for wait

Suppose you are dialling some IVRS system (assume the number as 999) and everytime after picking call you have to dial 5 with in 3 seconds to continue. 

What you are going to do is dial 999 and after picking up your call go to keypad dialler and enter 5 to continue.

Here lot of time is wasted. Instead just save the contact as 999,5 or 999p5. By this way you don't need to dial 5 again. 

Here above p pauses for  2 or 3 or 4 seconds and 5 is entered automatically.

Remember pause duration depends upon the mobile model. To get long pause duration enterp or , continuosly depending upon the requirement.

Like the sameway w or ; will make the wait (as long as you need) confirmed by a dialog box so that we have to confirm every time. Here also you don't need to type any number. Just confirmation is needed to send your choice.

For instance in India, to speak to Airtel complaint customer care you have to dial 198 and again 1 and again 2 and atlast 9 (changes circle to circle).

​So save this number as 198;1;2;9 . Your job is done in one shot. Remember to press Yes at appropriate time. :)

​My carrier care number is 198,1,,,,,,,,2,9  and it works like a charm without the need of confirming anything....

Hope this hidden phone dialler feature will be useful in your life...

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