Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Tip to Mobile Internet Users

If you browse Internet via mobile frequently then this is a must tip for you.

Many a times your mobile Internet pack get exhausted without your notice and your main balance get deducted for browsing Internet without a warning message.

I am sure everyone lost significant amount of money by this cheap trick played by telecom operators.

But now you don't need to worry about such thing. Just send an SMS as STOP and send it to 1925. No charges for sending sms. It's toll free. :)

After sending the above message you will get a confirmation message from your operator that says Internet service on your mobile without data pack is deactivated.

That means as long as you are having a data pack you will browse Internet via pack. Once your pack validity is expired or data gets exhausted, then Internet automatically get disabled on your mobile. A big relief to all because our main balance is safe.

Now in order to browse Internet subscribe again for the same pack or any new pack of your desire so that Internet can get activated automatically after new back subscription.

Remember after sending the above message you cannot browse Internet directly from your main balance. Of course who is interested to browse net via main balance?

If you still need to browse net via main pool balance send again a message as START to 1925. I strongly recommend you not to do so because you know very well how your operator will try to cheat you again.

Hope this tip will be useful for you.

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