Friday, February 10, 2017

National Do Not Call Registry India

Hi friend! Are you receiving too many telemarketing calls on your mobile number? Or a victim of spam messages on your personal number? Then this is the high time to stop all these activities.

National Do Not Call (NDNC) Registry is the database maintained by Indian Government regarding mobile or land line subscribers who does not wish to receive calls from telemarketing agencies or UCC (Unsolicited Commercial Communication). NDNC database is now known as NCPR (National Customer Preference Register).

You can request your mobile to be included in the NDNC Registry by the following way.

For Fully Blocked DND Service
To subscribe to NDNC just send an SMS as START DND to 1909. No charges for sending the SMS. Actually this is the old SMS format. The new format for fully blocked category is START 0 and send to 1909. (Remember the code mentioned is zero and not o.) Of course both formats are correct. But some service providers supports only the later format.

If you want to unsubscribe from NDNC again send an SMS as STOP DND to 1909.

You can also verify whether your mobile number is subscribed to NDNC Registry or not by visiting Nation Do Not Call Registry Search. The link is

What to do if you are interested in receiving messages from a particular sector. Don't worry NDNC is having options for that too.

For Partially Blocked DND Service
You can register for partially blocked DND service in which you will start receiving commercial SMS for the selected category and rest other categories of SMS & Voice Call will be blocked on your number.
To register for partially blocked DND service, please use the following codes.

1 – For receiving SMS relating to Banking / Insurance / Financial Products / Credit Cards
2 – For receiving SMS relating to Real Estate
3 – For receiving SMS relating to Education
4 – For receiving SMS relating to Health
5 – For receiving SMS relating to Consumer goods and automobiles
6 – For receiving SMS relating to Communication / Broadcasting / Entertainment / IT
7 – For receiving SMS relating to Tourism and Leisure

For example if you want to receive messages from 1, 2 and 3 categories then SMS Registration will be – START 1,2,3 to 1909. To receive messages related to Health products send START 4 to 1909.

If you want to block all the messages use the code 0 (already mentioned above).

What to do if I am already registered in NDNC and still receiving unwanted calls/SMS?
If you receive any unsolicited commercial communications seven days after registration of your telephone number in the NCPR, you may register a complaint by either dialling the toll free number 1909 or by sending an SMS to 1909.

The points to be noted here are:
1.The complaint has to be registered from the telephone number on which unsolicited commercial communication has been received.

2.Your complaint must be made within three days of receipt of the unsolicited commercial communication.

If you prefer to register complaint via SMS then the format is:
COMP TEL NO XXXXXXXXXX; dd/mm/yy; hh:mm; short description of message body send this format to 1909. Where XXXXXXXXXX –is the telephone number or header of the SMS, from which the unsolicited commercial communication has originated.

The complaint will be registered and acknowledged by the access provider by sending a unique complaint number through SMS. You will be informed of the action taken on your complaint within 7 days of the complaint booking.

Customers not registered with NCPR can also identify the commercial calls because they will all come from numbers starting with '140' or '70'. This is a series specially allocated for telemarketers.

Hope you will use this service and get rid off unwanted calls as well as messages. 

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